Even in your youth insanity crept upon you and opened your mind to the influence of the Great Old Ones. Cosmic forces direct you against all reason , to serve them and bring about the end of mankind, making you into a priest in their service. Through your studies of the Necronomicon you discovered the time and place for the City of R'lyeh to rise again from the depths and used your inheritance to fund a trip to lost city. Toxic vapors emanating from the city choked your crew to death even as it rose up but occult teachings preserved you against it. You embark now to plunge the depths of the city and find the keys to Cthulhu's, priest of the Great Old Ones.

The keys you seek take the form of spells used to unlock Cthulhu's tomb and without them you will surely fail. You will need to collect at least four suck keys. Beware the many dangers of the city as death will strip your keys from you. It is not advised to use the arrows in this game. As you go you will have access to the Necronomicon at various times. It is an essential tool but each use has a risk of triggering insanity and summoning danger so be wise.

Remember, you are dealing with unnatural, illogical powers beyond time and space. There is no way to understand the forces at work and much of your journey will be calculated risk. Lastly, there is sometimes an element of chance, the results of one attempt not always the same as the next.


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Nice stuff, solid writing. Good job.